This website is about blackjack, online blackjack to be more precise. Blackjack has probably been around since the cards themselves were invented. In the past it was known as 21 which is still sometimes used to refer to it even today. Because of its simplicity anyone can start enjoying the game in a short period. Alongside gambling, blackjack also appeared in casinos and clubs where the game could be played both legally and illegally. The new rules that have been implemented throughout the centuries made winning more difficult for players and easier for casinos to make this form of gambling more profitable to them. On the website you will find the history, strategies, and rules to blackjack. It is a simple game that can be learned quickly. Try it out on a free website or at a casino. Of course, at your own responsibility and please keep in mind that there are differences between online casinos even regarding blackjack which means that not every tactic and strategy works in every casino. Online blackjack is perhaps the best game for good tactics where there is a high likelihood of winning money if you play smart and stop at the right time and nullify the house advantage which is already one of the smallest amongst gambling games.

Traditional and online blackjack both have their beauties which cannot be ignored, but as of today online blackjack is perhaps more popular because it can be played easily and quickly in online casinos. In theory, card counting is not illegal if you perform the calculations in your head only, but if you are counting cards and someone becomes suspicious, then you may be barred from the casino. You can use aids for counting in online blackjack, but this may also result in being barred if someone is very successful. While online it is easy to open another account, it is impossible to do so in a real casino as casinos use cameras with facial recognition software to weed out cheaters.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

What kind of blackjack games are available online?

Pretty much every type of game can be bound in online casinos. single hand, multiple hand, American, European, and also live dealer games

Do casinos provide bonuses for blackjack?

Rarely. As the house advantage is smaller it is not advantageous to give bonuses. Even if you receive a general bonus it is not likely that blackjack is included in the rotation requirements.

How big a bet should I place and how much money should I have when playing in online casinos?

This depends on a lot of factors, but most importantly you should trust your instincts. After a win when our bank increases some people like to increase the bet, but after increasing most people don’t like to decrease the bet, so my advice is to experiment with finding the ideal bet for yourself.